Sliding Closet Door Bumpers


sliding-closet-door-bumpers Sliding Closet Door Bumpers

Sliding Closet Door Bumpers – Sliding doors inside the house are appealing and practical, but they can pose difficulties when it comes to window treatments. There are several different, attractive alternatives which you ought to look out for your sliding door which could really add a nice, finished touch for your room.

Curtains and Drapes
Most sliding doors are not energy efficient, therefore choosing curtains and curtains made from heavy fabrics like damask is a great way to keep heat in during the winter months and cold air in during the summer months. If you have one of the brighter, more energy efficient sliding doors, you may select simple, lightweight curtains, lace panels, or even unassuming curtains for your door which allow more natural light to permeate the space. The really great thing about curtains or drapes to get a sliding door would be that you can change your window treatments as frequently as you want – and more readily than with other choices, such as shades.

Colors can be convenient for sliding doors, but can be tricky if the door is used frequently. Typically, when hanging shades to a sliding door, you’re giving up half of the door’s functionality. There are different types of shades which could be right at home in any d├ęcor, although the two most popular types which are en vogue right now are bamboo shades and shoji screens. Bamboo is such a beautiful substance to work with , and bamboo shades are very trendy right now. Choosing bamboo shades is also an eco-friendly option because bamboo is a renewable resource. By mounting a shade made from bamboo above each panel of the door, you are able to leave one shade drawn for extra privacy while rolling up the shade on the side which you use for entry to the space. Shoji screens are made from rice and they’re ideal for many decor topics, particularly Asian inspired decor. This type of screen slides facing the door and can be readily corrected to filter light coming to the space and also give privacy.

Vertical Cabinets
Vertical blinds are a classic option, and with great reason. Vertical blinds can give you the ultimate in functionality for your sliding door, along with optimum privacy by blocking out almost a hundred percent of their light coming to the space. The new generation of perpendicular gliding blinds is a good option. These blinds attract the side vertically, like a classic vertical blind, but are produced from a special honeycomb fabric so that they’re not as clunky as their vinyl counterparts. It’s possible to find vertical blinds for your sliding door in a plethora of colours from bold colours to barely-there neutral shades, many of them made of fabric as opposed to classic vinyl. Fabric vertical blinds add not only color, but texture to your room too.

Panel Track Blinds
You may also think of modern panel track blinds for your sliding door. You can find panel track blinds in a variety of fabrics, ranging from paper thin to rich damask.

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